My name is Brian Ambrose and I have lived in Renton, WA near Seattle for most of my 47 years. My railroad of choice to photograph is probably a tie between BNSF and MRL. I have always been a big fan of the Northern Pacific so that only stands to reason. But I also like photographing Union Pacific’s and especially their “flagged” units and try to head down to Oregons Blue Mountains or Columbia River gorge as much as I can to catch them on film. I also enjoy travelling around the country photographing the “Eastern Railroads” like CSX and NS as well as their neighboring shortlines when I can. I started my 35mm photography in 1979. Before that the best I could do was an instamatic camera. But it was better than nothing. Even now I can see “digital” coming along for me in the next few months.

When the internet came along so did the chance to post my photos for a larger audience to see. I am grateful to QStation for hosting these websites which showcase my photography. I am having the time of my life scanning these new photos but especially the older ones from years past. These updates are really bringing back good memories for me. I look forward to making new updates and hope they are enjoyed by all.

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